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About Us

We are Jacksin, a British shoe company which is dedicated to delivering high quality stylish shoes within the affordable range. We specialise in men's leather shoes - formal, casual, not so formal or somewhere in between. We believe in the spirit of hand-made craftsmanship rather than mass manufactured products. Our styling of shoes is selected by our talented designers who design, craft and manufacture every pair of shoes meticulously.

Find the true You!

Jacksin's four collection means that you will find a pair that is just right for your personality and which you will fall in love with! Go to our catalogue and you will discover a wide variety of designs and styles which will match every personality.

Formal Shoes - Bond CollectionGot Some Moves - Jagger CollectionLove Countryside - Mumford CollectionLove Colour - Singh Collection
"I am falling in love with Jacksin. This is my third pair" - Bruce
               "I bought this for my hubby, he is usually really fussy but he loved these shoes. He even danced in them." - Rhoda
"Wow these shoes are perfect for wedding, office and evening night out. Usually stylish shoes are not comfy but they are comfy too" - Mike

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Jacksin - A true staple of a gentleman's wardrobe. Authentic British style.